Garissa Teachers Training College was started way back in the year 1996. It is situated in garissa county about three kilometers from garissa town. The college is built on an area of about two  kilometres square. The land was donated by the area residents who were very curious to have an institution of higher learning in their area. As of now, Garissa teachers training college is the highest public learning institution in the entire north eastern province. The insitution offers P1 course to the members of the public and has a bed capacity of 740 students. The total number of tutors is 58 while that of support staff is 40.



 Entrance to GTTC

















Dr. Aden Muktar, Ph.D

0722 506 302

Deputy Principal

Mr. Magoci Peter

Dean Of Curriculum


Welcome to the Dean of Curriculum Office

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Dean Of Students


Welcome to the Dean of Students Office

College Rules & …

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